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Client Alerts - 2018

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  • 3-2018 ECM Client Alert 03-2018: VGP Compliance for Fishing Vessels - Exemption Expired
    Under U.S. EPA regulations, vessels must comply with VGP requirements. However, there was an exemption from compliance for fishing vessels. Unfortunately, that exemption expired on 19 January 2018.

  • 2-2018 ECM Client Alert 02-2018: U.S. Pre-Arrival/Departure Notices
    The National Vessel Movement Center posted a notice on its website dated January 19, 2018 that at the end of a 90-day notice period expiring on April 19, 2018, the eNOA/D InfoPath Template 6.3 will be retired.

  • 1-2018 ECM Client Alert 1-2018: IMO List of National Operational Contact Points & SOPEP/SMPEP Annual Review
    The International Maritime Organization (IMO) issued an updated LIST OF NATIONAL OPERATIONAL CONTACT POINTS dated December 31, 2017