OPA 90 requires vessel owners/operators to identify a Qualified Individual (QI) and at least one alternate who meet the following standards:

Speak and understand English

Reside in the United States

Can be available on a 24-hour basis

Have contracted authority to implement removal action

Have written authority to activate and contract response resources, serve as liaison with Federal and State On-Scene Co-ordinators, and obligate funds for response activities

ECM's trained and experienced QIs are strategically located to provide effective nationwide coverage. Our personnel come from diverse backgrounds bringing a broad base of experience in emergency response management; response techniques; marine operations; regulatory planning; training and exercise compliance; as well as related technical and claims expertise.

ECM's QIs also perform the roles of "Authorized Individual" for those vessels trading in Canada and "Authorized Person" for non-tank vessels trading in Texas. ECM (Panama) S.A. performs the Authorized Person services as required under the PCSOPEP regulations.

In addition to responding to actual casualties, our on-going participation in federal, state and local government workshops, exercises and training sessions keep our QI team current on the latest issues impacting the industry. This participation helps us maintain open lines of communication with public interest groups, regulatory agencies and contract resources.

Spill Management Team Services

ECM Maritime is your first line of defense…24 hours a day

ECM's team approach provides a wealth of knowledge to assist vessel and barge owners/operators, facilities and offshore interests. We represent one of the largest concentrations of oil and chemical response expertise in the US and Canadian markets. Our personnel frequently train and exercise their skills in the Incident Command System (ICS), the Unified Command Structure (UCS) and in emergency response operations and management procedures.

Our staff has responded to hundreds of spills involving oil and hazardous materials. Key positions within the ICS are staffed with qualified personnel from ECM and our nationwide response network. Expertise within our staff and nationwide response network includes media relations, third party claims, Natural Resource Damage Assessment and trajectory modeling.