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In our constant effort to provide our clients with solutions which assist in understanding and complying with the many pollution and associated regulations facing vessel operators, ECM have developed the Regulatory Reference Guide (RRG). This unique document provides a detailed review of the maritime regulations issued by the USCG, various US States, Canada, the Panama Canal and Argentina. The RRG not only provides regulatory citations but also includes ECM’s perspective and explanations. In addition, it provides guidance on how ECM can assist you in meeting various requirements.

Current subscribers have indicated that in addition to its usefulness as a reference guide, the RRG is a great training tool for new hires such as technical and SQE superintendents and has been instrumental in augmenting the internal knowledge base of companies that use it. To provide an overview of its scope, a copy of the RRG’s Table of Contents is appended below. Please click on the file icon to view this table.

This publication is updated twice yearly. In the interim, ECM uses our “Client Alert” system to provide you with timely information on constantly evolving regulatory issues.

The RRG is available for an annual subscription fee of US $500. Please contact ECM via email at to enquire about a subscription.

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