The ECM Exercise Program is designed to ensure our clients remain in compliance with the drill and exercise requirements of the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 and the various state regulations. But more importantly, the Exercise Program is dynamic in its approach to compliance.

The Exercise Program provides each client opportunities to expand the experiences of their Corporate Emergency Response Team. Exercises can be in the form of dynamic and fast moving response scenarios, training opportunities focusing on a particular facet of emergency response or any other format that meets your requirements.

Each year we provide opportunities for our clients to participate in a variety of Incident Management Team (IMT) Tabletop Exercises (TTX). Clients may choose to participate in a IMT TTX held in a realistic setting involving equipment deployment or other activity, a group IMT TTX offered in several central locations (usually in a hotel setting), an IMT TTX in the client's office, or an IMT TTX custom made to the client's specifications. These IMT TTX formats allow our clients the opportunity to experience a wide range of challenges while meeting the requirements of an annual IMT TTX.

We track each client's progress toward meeting the requirements of the US Coast Guard's "National Preparedness for Response Exercise Program (PREP) Guidelines". Working with each client we ensure that all elements of the client's response/contingency plans are exercised during the triennial cycle.


The State of California is conducting Unannounced Drills for California Oil Spill Contingency Plan Holders involving notification procedures, OSRO activation and OSRO equipment deployment. ECM provides full support to vessel Masters involved in these drills. Vessel Masters must contact ECM immediately if a State of California Inspector initiates an Unannounced Drill.

The State of Washington is conducting unannounced drills requiring vessel Masters to make notifications in accordance with the Washington State Maritime Co-operative or the Marine Fire and Safety Association Field Guides as appropriate. ECM can assist the vessel master in making the required notifications in a timely manner. We encourage vessel Masters to contact ECM immediately when required by a State of Washington Inspector to conduct this drill.


ECM offers a wide array of training to meet every client's need including,

OSHA Training

Corporate Training

Onboard Training

Corporate Emergency Response Team